Personalized Service From A Highly Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

Leo V. Duval, Attorney at Law, is based in Staten Island, New York, and has built his practice on a client-centered approach to the law. He is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Whether you or a loved one has been arrested outside office hours, has a hearing in night court, or a bail hearing in state or federal court, you can contact Leo Duval at any time.

He believes that a successful criminal defense lawyer needs to view a client's circumstances with more than just cold, hard detachment. He fully engages his clients, providing straightforward legal advice and counsel to help them make informed decisions. When you work with Leo Duval, you will not be handed over to an associate. You will work solely with a lawyer who is committed to providing comprehensive criminal defense. The trust that he forms with clients is a strength of the firm. Leo V. Duval is honored that former clients return when facing new legal challenges and refer family and friends to the firm.

It is not just about trying cases; I've tried everything imaginable. It is not just about having knowledge; I have that in abundance. When the government's vast resources are coming down on you, you need a lawyer who will relentlessly stand with you against the power of the government and go the extra mile to fight for your rights. I am that guy. — Criminal defense lawyer Leo V. Duval

Many criminal cases are handled in the hallways of the courthouse, in the conference room or in interactions between your defense lawyer and members of law enforcement. Leo Duval has earned the respect of judges and prosecutors, as well as state and federal law enforcement officers, and has achieved remarkable results through his efforts outside the courtroom. As a former prosecutor, he is able to anticipate the prosecution's arguments and find flaws and weaknesses to build a compelling defense.

Inside the courtroom, Leo Duval has earned a reputation as a skilled trial attorney. He has handled every type of criminal case imaginable, ranging from minor misdemeanors to nearly 50 murder cases, as well as a federal death penalty trial. He has obtained numerous outright dismissals of federal indictments — achievements few lawyers can attest to.

When you work with Leo Duval, whether you are charged in New York state courts or are facing a federal indictment, you will have the benefit of the depth and breadth of his substantial experience. However, he does not rest on his past accomplishments. He fights hard every day to obtain the most favorable results possible.

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To learn how Leo V. Duval, Attorney at Law, can help you, send a message using the online contact form or call 347-690-1777. He regularly makes house calls in Staten Island, Brooklyn, New York City and elsewhere. Reasonable payment plans are available. Initial consultations are always complimentary.