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Criminal defense: Company operator charged with homicide

A 28-year-old operator of a limousine business has found himself charged with homicide after a crash that took the lives of 20 people on Oct. 6. The man, who operates the service in New York State, is being charged by prosecutors for the crash, which they say was caused by negligent maintenance. The man's criminal defense representation has come out strongly against these charges, saying that the client is unequivocally not guilty.

The details of the crash were not articulated, because the case focuses more upon the factors that led to the tragic accident. According to the New York State Police Superintendant, the vehicle involved in the crash did not meet numerous safety standards. Police say the 28-year-old had been informed by the Department of Transportation back in September that the vehicle was unfit to be on the road. It is alleged that the man knew this, but chose to keep the vehicle in operation regardless.

Criminal defense: Cardi B faces assault charges

Famous rapper Cardi B is in hot water after being fingered in an alleged assault at a nightclub, according to some sources. New York police say the rapper, born Belcalis Almánzar, surrendered to authorities following the alleged incident. It is not clear from the report at this time whether she has retained criminal defense counsel. 

According to the incident report, Almánzar was at a New York club when she encountered several bartenders she apparently believe may have had relations with her husband, rapper Offset of the group Migos. According to the bartenders in question, several of Almánzar's entourage allegedly threw chairs and bottles at them during the course of the evening. This has prompted both bartenders to sue Almánzar for damages. 

Criminal defense: New York man faces drug charges

A man was arrested in the Town of Avoca and now faces felony drug charges, according to local sources. The New York State Police confirmed that a Sept. 26 traffic stop resulted in the arrest of a 26-year-old man, who was placed in custody at a county jail. It is unclear whether he has retained criminal defense counsel at this time, and no court date has been announced.

The record of the arrest is not complete at this time, but it has been confirmed that the accused was pulled over by police at some point on Sept. 26. The reason for the stop was not listed in the report, but troopers say the man attempted to stop police from searching his car. The search persisted and police say they found what they believe to be crack cocaine in the car.

Have you been charged for attempting a crime?

You may think that criminal charges only apply to situations in which a person has carried out a crime in its entirety. However, that is not necessarily the case. In fact, you or someone else could end up facing a charge for even attempting to commit a crime.

Attempt is a specific modifier to various types of criminal activity. For instance, you have likely heard of someone facing charges for attempted murder or attempted robbery. While the person may not face allegations for the completion of the act, he or she could still end up having to deal with serious consequences if a conviction takes place.

Criminal defense: New York man charged in shooting death

One man is dead and another is in custody following a shooting in Queens, according to local police. New York authorities apprehended a 23-year-old Queens man after he was allegedly seen dumping a body near an overpass. The man has an extensive criminal record and was set to be arraigned the night of Sept. 19. It is unclear whether he has retained criminal defense counsel yet.

Police say they believe an altercation occurred between the 23-year-old suspect and the 35-year-old victim, whose body was found on July 16 in Yonkers near the New York State Thruway. Coroners confirmed the cause of death to be bullet wounds. The connection between the two men, and the cause for their alleged altercation, remain unknown at this time. However, it has been confirmed that an eyewitness report led police to the suspect.

Criminal defense: New York police arrested

Two detectives, three sergeants and two officers in the New York City Police force were arrested after a three-year investigation into possible illegal activity came to an end. New York authorities have suspended them without pay during the investigation into an alleged gambling and prostitution ring in Brooklyn and Queens. Some 40 civilians have also been charged, and two more officers are facing possible departmental charges. So far, it is unclear whether any of the accused men have retained criminal defense representation.

Authorities say the seven men were believed to have been in business with criminals running brothels and illegal gambling establishments in several neighborhoods. Allegedly, these officers would warn ring leaders about search warrants and raids. Some of the sex workers caught up in this investigation have also alleged they were forced to provide services to these officers as payment for their protection.

New York criminal defense: Cop charged with harassment

Police in New York recently arrested a man who is accused of striking another man in the face following a Little League baseball game. The accused happens to be a police officer for the Troy Police Department and is reported to have a history of utilizing excessive force while on the job. With his history working against him, how he approaches his criminal defense could make or break his case.

According to a recent news report, on Sept. 8, opening day for the Twin Town Little League fall season, the accused -- while off-duty -- got into a heated argument over field cleanup with another parent. He supposedly elbowed the other parent in the face which prompted police to be called to the scene. The accused was arrested and charged with second-degree harassment. He was ultimately released with a ticket to appear in court. Court dates regarding this case have not been reported to the public. 

Criminal defense: Uber driver charged with sexual assault

A driver for popular ride-sharing program Uber is in legal trouble following allegations that he may have sexually assaulted a passenger. The 26-year-old driver, based in New York, has been charged with felony first-degree sexual abuse, as well as attempted forcible touching and misdemeanor third-degree assault. There is no word as to whether the man has retained criminal defense counsel at this time.

According to the complaint made by a 39-year-old woman, the man picked her up in New York City for a planned ride to Rye Brook. The woman attests that, during the course of the drive, she fell asleep in the back seat. When she awoke, she said, the driver had moved to the back seat and was attempting to reach up her dress. She goes on to state that, in attempting to defend herself, she fractured her shoulder. The man apparently drove her home after the struggle.

Wire fraud can lead to a hefty sentence and fine

If you have been accused of fraud, you naturally may wonder what this means for your future. After all, fraud is a federal offense and thus comes with hefty penalties.

Fraud exists in many forms, with one of these being wire fraud. If you currently face wire fraud charges here in New York, it is within your rights to aggressively fight these charges in court to preserve your freedom and your future.

Federal criminal defense may help accused estate attorney

When a loved one dies, the court may appoint an attorney to handle the matters of the deceased's estate. The family of the deceased may know little of the process of probate and rely on the attorney to handle matters in an ethical and forthright manner. Allegations of a breach of this fiduciary duty can lead to serious charges, and someone accused of mishandling estate assets may seek a strong federal criminal defense.

One example of this occurred recently when a New York federal grand jury indicted a court-appointed estate administrator for embezzlement. The attorney was entrusted with the duties of collecting the assets of the deceased and distributing them to the deceased's son, the only beneficiary. Most of the multi-million-dollar estate was held by the state comptroller as abandoned property. Estate administrators often use recovery services in these cases.

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