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Criminal defense: Man accused of shooting nephew

A man in Watervliet is facing a serious charge after he allegedly accidentally shot his nephew, according to local sources. New York police were notified of the alleged shooting after the victim arrived at a local hospital. His uncle is currently out on bail in advance of a trial date, where he will be represented by a criminal defense attorney.

According to the report, the upstate New York man spent the night of Jan. 12 with his 20-year-old nephew in his home. The two allegedly spent several hours smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol before retiring for the night. The following morning, the older man apparently removed two legal handguns from the safe on his premises to show his nephew how to safely deconstruct them.

Criminal defense: Drug and weapon arrest in Rockland

Rockland police have reported the arrest of a man from Nyack on suspicion of drug- and weapon-related crimes. New York authorities arrested the 66-year-old man in his home back in December. He was arraigned on Jan. 1 and was expected back in court with his criminal defense representation on Jan. 4. In between, he was remanded on $100,000 bail.

According to police, the man is believed to have left three separate handguns, all legally registered to him in the state of New York, at hotels in Las Vegas. As a result, the man was stripped of his pistol permit. New York authorities required him to hand over any other weapons in his possession when he returned home.

Criminal defense: beautician charged with manslaughter

A bizarre case in the Bronx has led to the arrest of a beautician, according to authorities. New York City police arrested the 44-year-old woman, who was operating her business without a license, after an allegedly botched buttocks-enhancement procedure left another woman dead. She faces charges of manslaughter and unauthorized practice of a profession. She will be represented in court by a criminal defense attorney when she faces these charges at an unknown future date. 

According to the unusual report, a 48-year-old woman from out of state allegedly went to the beautician on June 17 to receive injections in her buttocks and thighs. These injections, composed of silicone, are a popular but expensive aesthetic procedure that are often not covered under health insurance. According to police, they were called to the home on the same day, where they found the woman in cardiac arrest.

Criminal defense: Doctor faces drug charges

A doctor in western New York is facing serious allegations pertaining to alleged importation of illegal narcotics, according to local sources. Federal authorities in New York arrested the doctor, who has worked for years in drug rehabilitation programs, and accused him of importing cocaine and heroin into the country. He has since appeared before a U.S. magistrate, and the doctor is likely focused alongside his legal counsel on preparing a meaningful criminal defense. 

According to the unusual report, police first became aware of the doctor's alleged activities back in November, after a package mailed from Germany was intercepted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers. Reportedly, K-9 units on the scene detected drugs in the package, and it was later revealed the package contained 3 grams of cocaine. As a result, an investigation into the doctor's activities and packages was begun. 

Understanding probable cause for arrests and searches

One of the most helpless feelings a person could experience occurs when a police officer wraps the handcuffs around your wrists. You are no longer free to go or do what you want, and you are at the mercy of law enforcement. If this has happened to you, your first instinct may be to struggle to get free, and your next thought is to know why you are under arrest.

Law enforcement officers must have a reason to arrest you. The U.S. Constitution calls this reason "probable cause." Probable cause is the crux of many police actions, including searching you, your house or your vehicle, or seizing any of your property. Without probable cause, New York police are likely violating your rights if they perform any of these actions.

Criminal defense: 1 faces murder charges in New York

The Bronx was the site of tragedy following the death of a 17-year-old in an alleged altercation. New York police have arrested two individuals in connection with this serious crime, one of whom has since been charged with murder. It is unclear whether either of these individuals has retained criminal defense counsel at this time, nor is it clear if they remain in police custody. 

The details of the alleged incident are still being reviewed and collected by New York authorities, but it has been confirmed that around 6 p.m. the night of Dec. 10, the victim became involved in some kind of dispute with the two accused individuals. One of the two, whose age was not recorded in this report, is accused of pushing the 17-year-old between two parked cars and onto the street. As a result, the 17-year-old was struck by an ambulette van. 

After DWI, cop may want to explore criminal defense options

New York state laws take a strong stance against drunk driving, and drivers charged with this crime could face time behind bars, steep fines and other negative consequences. A New York Police Department officer is facing all of these consequences and possibly more regarding a drunk driving arrest after a cyclist was struck with the policeman's vehicle. The accused man will find it beneficial to consider criminal defense options at this time. The police officer was off duty when he reportedly ran a red light and caused a crash.

At the time of the accident, the off-duty cop was in his personal vehicle. Allegedly, he then exited his vehicle and told the cyclist that he was a law enforcement officer. The man is said to have stated that he did not see the cyclist, but allegedly admitted to people at the scene that he had drinks at some point that evening. The cyclist received medical treatment for pain in his back and neck, but he did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

Criminal defense: 2 charged with alleged drug crimes

Two men are facing potential jail time after their residence was raided by police in a drug sting on Nov. 30. New York authorities executed a search warrant on the Long Island residence and arrested both men, who are believed to be guilty of drug-related crimes. Both men were facing arraignment as of this report, though it is unclear whether either has retained criminal defense representation.

Police in Suffolk County said they had been investigating both men, aged 27 and 30, for some time prior to attaining the search warrant. Around 4:27 p.m., elements of several law enforcement agencies, including Emergency Service Section, gang and crime units, and special operations teams from two different precincts launched a coordinated effort to investigate the residence. They say they found considerable evidence at the scene, including what they believe to be unknown quantities of cocaine, marijuana and heroin. They also say they found drug paraphernalia, as well as cell phones, a vehicle and cash they believe were used to aid in drug distribution.

Criminal defense: 3 face drug charges in New York

An unexpected bust has led to the arrest of three individuals on Long Island, according to local authorities in New York. Police in Westbury have arrested three people after they were allegedly caught with drugs earlier in November. It is not clear at this time whether these individuals have retained criminal defense counsel, nor has a court date been announced publicly.

According to the police report, officers on patrol in Westbury happened upon a vehicle parked in a secluded and dark section of a movie theater parking lot. When police approached the vehicle that they believed was suspicious, they saw three people -- two men and a woman -- inside the car. These individuals were allegedly in possession of fentanyl, heroin and cocaine, though police did not clarify how they confirmed this estimation.

Are you facing accusations of tax fraud?

Taxes are a part of financial reality that many New York residents wish they did not have to handle. However, you and every other hardworking American have a legal obligation to report your income to the Internal Revenue Service, determine your tax obligation amount and pay that amount in full. The complicated nature of correctly filing taxes only adds to the uncomfortable feeling you and many other people have when it comes to paying taxes.

Another uncomfortable feeling that could affect you is if someone accuses you of tax fraud. This accusation means that someone suspects you of trying to get out of paying your taxes or paying all of your taxes by defrauding the government.

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