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Criminal defense: New York man charged with murder

A former employee of a technology magnate is facing serious charges for his alleged role in the other man's death, according to information released by authorities. New York law enforcement arrested the 21-year-old man, who was the 33-year-old victim's former personal assistant. The younger man faces murder charges and is being held without bail by police pending a trial date. There is no word as to whether he has retained criminal defense counsel. 

The details of the murder are bizarre by some estimations, as it appears the victim was followed into his condominium directly from the elevator, which opens directly into his home. Security cameras in the building caught images of the victim speaking with another man dressed in a black suit and carrying a duffel bag. Upon entering the apartment, the assailant is seen firing a Taser into the victim's back, immobilizing him. He then proceeds to stab the other man to death. 

Criminal defense: man charged with murder in Brooklyn

An ex-convict has been charged in connection with the murder of two men over the July 4th weekend, according to local sources. Police in New York arrested the 28-year-old man at his parole office on July 22. He is charged with criminal possession of a weapon, manslaughter and attempted murder. He is still being held without bail in advance of an Aug. 24 court date. There is no word as to whether he has retained criminal defense counsel. 

Surveillance footage taken from a building in Claremont showed two men, both rappers aged 22 and 27 respectively, along with a third man, speaking in a hallway of the apartment building. The footage then appears to show the accused man and a second accomplice appear in the stairwell, opening fire with handguns on the three men who were trapped at the end of the hallway. One man was hit in the head, neck and upper body, while the second was hit in the upper body, leg and arm. Both men were pronounced dead, while the third man was struck in the arm and survived the attack. 

Criminal defense: Woman arrested for murder in New York

A woman has been arrested following the suspected murder of a man whose body was found on the roof of a McDonald's in the Bronx, according to local sources. New York authorities responded to a call which led them to the grisly discovery. They have since arrested an 18-year-old woman, and two accomplices are believed still at large. It is unclear whether she has retained criminal defense counsel, but her next court date was set for Aug. 17. 

According to the bizarre report, witnesses called police after seeing what appeared to be an unconscious man on the roof of a fast-food restaurant. Officers arriving on the scene said they found the man unresponsive and wrapped in a plastic bag. He was later pronounced dead by EMS on the scene. 

Criminal defense: New York man faces felony assault charges

A bizarre daytime incident has resulted in the arrest of a man believed to have been responsible for slashing a 2-year-old child in the face. New York City police detectives arrested the 35-year-old man, who now faces felony assault charges for the alleged incident. So far, no court date has been announced, and it is unclear whether the man has retained criminal defense representation. 

According to the police report, on the morning of July 1, the 2-year-old boy was being pushed in a stroller on a Manhattan sidewalk by his nanny when the alleged attack occurred. The accused man allegedly approached the stroller and slashed the child over his right eye with an unknown implement. The nanny immediately called 911, but the man fled the scene. 

Did you receive motivation to commit fraud in the workplace?

Working in a competitive environment may have been attractive to you. You may thrive on competition and enjoy using your skills and charismatic personality to reach certain goals. You may also enjoy working hard to please your employer and reaping the rewards that can come along with ensuring the company stays on the right track.

Unfortunately, it is possible for certain work environments and incentives to lead to misconduct in the workplace, namely fraud. Some workers may believe that they are bending the rules just a bit in order to make a sale or complete another important deal and that no harm will come from it. However, if the company ends up under investigation for fraud, you may understandably worry what that could mean for you.

Multiple charges may require complex criminal defense

For many who are on parole, abstaining from drugs and alcohol is a condition of their release, and for good reason. Impairment by drugs or alcohol quickly leads some to behave recklessly. Unfortunately, this may lead to additional charges, loss of parole and further complications in one's life. For many in this situation, a strong criminal defense strategy may have a goal of minimizing the potentially severe consequences.

One New York man was only a few months into a 14-month parole when he had a dangerous encounter with police. Witnesses say the man was driving an SUV the wrong way down a one-way street when police attempted to stop him by blocking his path. The man apparently went around the roadblock and continued driving, sideswiping vehicles and narrowly missing pedestrians. Again turning the wrong way down a street, the driver allegedly crashed head-on into a police vehicle.

Criminal defense: 11 charged in drug sting

Criminal complaints unsealed in Brooklyn revealed that 11 members of the Bully street gang have been charged with conspiracy to deliver drugs, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office. New York authorities have cracked down on the members of the gang who are also charged with money laundering and illegal weapon possession. It is unclear at this time whether any of the accused individuals have sought criminal defense representation. 

According to the attorney's office, the complaints name several people as part of a drug ring operating both in New York and in Maine. Police searched premises in New Jersey, Maine, Massachusetts and New York as part of their investigation into the alleged ring. They say they uncovered a network of drug smugglers who trafficked crack cocaine, heroin and other drugs using houses to store and sell, as well as vehicles with hidden compartments for transport. 

Criminal defense: Man with priors charged with assault

An elderly woman was taken to the hospital after a daylight attack injured her head, according to local sources. Officers with the New York City Police Department arrested the alleged perpetrator, who has been arrested many times before for similar crimes. It is unknown whether the man remains in custody at this time, or if he has retained criminal defense counsel in advance of a trial date.

According to witnesses and footage picked up by a surveillance camera, it appears the 92-year-old woman was walking along Third Street around 3:30 p.m. the afternoon of June 12 when the alleged attack took place. The camera footage apparently shows a man pushing her and then walking away. She fell to the ground and struck her head on a fire hydrant. 

Out-of-hand party in New York leads to need for criminal defense

Many New York residents like to party with their friends. It is logical to assume that the more guests that are present, the greater the chances that two or more party-goers might get into a disagreement. Then again, even a smaller gathering could get out of hand if two or more people have an altercation. A recent party ended in tragedy, and a person party-goers say was an outsider who crashed the party is now in need of criminal defense.

The 23-year-old man in question is facing charges for manslaughter and possession of a weapon used in a lethal attack. He is accused of stabbing another party-goer with an ice pick after the two reportedly had a verbal disagreement. Numerous other people were also involved in the altercation, including the boyfriend of the man who suffered fatal injuries.

New York police want your phone data. Should you give it to them?

When you use a cell phone to correspond with another person, to browse the internet or to shop online, it might store a certain amount of data. The internet creates and archives a history. You might also use services outside your phone to store data, such as iCloud. Perhaps, you use a pass code to protect privacy and keep people from being able to access the contents of your cell phone. What if a New York police officer wants you to hand over your phone?

Maybe police suspect you of a crime or think you have filmed someone or something that may be evidence of criminal activity. It's critical that you know your rights and how to protect them, especially if law enforcement officers want to search your cell phone.

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