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When New York police knock, must you let them in?

As you lie sleeping in your New York apartment or single family home, the last thing you might expect is to hear loud, aggressive pounding on your door. Such an unexpected, loud noise might cause your heart rate to race. In fact, even if it's not happening during the night, receiving an unexpected (and uninvited) visitor can definitely be alarming.

If you were to look out a window, through a peephole or through a partially opened door and recognize the person or people on your doorstep as New York police officers, your stress level might immediately go through the roof. The officers might want to enter your home, and the question is: Do you have to let them? In such situations, it's important to know your rights and know where to turn for help, if needed.

Criminal defense: Man charged with murder in New York state

Police in New Windsor have arrested a man they believe to be responsible for the shooting death of a woman, according to local sources. The 47-year-old New York man, who is from Newburgh, has been arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder. He was due to make his first appearance in court on Nov. 14, though it has not been confirmed whether he has retained criminal defense counsel at this time. 

Very little information was released by police with regard to this case, but it has been confirmed that a firearm was allegedly used to kill a 21-year-old woman. Details about what led up to the shooting were not included in the report, but police say the woman was dead at the scene where the 47-year-old man was arrested. Apparently the shooting took place in an apartment building in New Windsor. 

Criminal defense: New York resident charged with hate crime

A former professor at New York University has been charged after an allegedly drunken vandalism spree directed at a church in Brooklyn. Local news in Williamsburg confirmed the arrest of the 34-year-old academic, who is facing a charge of hate crime criminal mischief. Spokespeople from NYU have confirmed the man is not currently employed by the university, with no fall term assignments. It is unclear whether he has retained criminal defense counsel at this time.

According to footage retrieved by police, it appears the man, along with two others, was walking along 8th Street when the incident occurred. Footage purportedly shows the man, who witnesses claim was drunk at the time, pulling plants from the garden of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church and hurling them at the church doors. The other two men with him reportedly did not participate in this activity. 

Criminal defense: Man accused of assaulting infants

A man in the Bronx is in custody after his two 6-week-old twins were discovered badly injured in his apartment. The New York man faces charges of aggravated assault and child endangerment. The male child is not expected to survive, but the female child may yet pull through. No court date has been publicly announced as yet, but the man will be accompanied by criminal defense representation when he faces the charges. 

According to the police report, the 27-year-old man is believed to have seriously beaten both infants, causing internal bleeding and broken bones. The children's mother took them to a hospital in New Jersey around 5 p.m. the afternoon of Oct. 23. When they were examined, the children were found to have fractures in thigh and leg bones, as well as head injuries. The boy is in critical condition, but the girl has been stabilized for the moment. 

Criminal defense: Club manager in New York faces rape charges

The 54-year-old manager of an exotic dancing club was recently indicted after two women accused him of rape, according to the District Attorney's office in Queens. The New York man was arrested back in June and indicted on a variety of charges, including rape and assault. He is currently in police custody awaiting a trial, the date for which has not been publicly announced. He will be represented in court by a criminal defense attorney. 

According to the allegations, the first incident took place in 2017 when the man allegedly bullied a 38-year-old woman into attending a party with him. Once in his vehicle, she said he knocked her unconscious and drove her to his home, where she was raped. She told police she broke free and hid in a closet, where she managed to convince the man that she had called police. 

Information is important when faced with assault charges

Landing in a difficult predicament can happen to anyone. Often, you are the only person who knows how a certain situation unfolded, and though others may have already drawn conclusions about what happened, you likely want to tell your side of the story in an effort to make them see what really happened more clearly.

Unfortunately, some situations could lead to criminal charges, and it may be in a courtroom where you give your side of the story. This type of ordeal can seem overwhelming, and you may understandably worry that the outcome may not work in your favor. Still, you can prepare as best as possible in hopes of presenting your case clearly.

Criminal defense: Police officer charged in alleged menacing

Two police officers were suspended and one now faces charges following a bizarre alleged altercation in a bar in Queens, according to local sources. A New York police officer has been charged with two counts of menacing after allegedly pulling his gun on a server, and the sergeant he was with has also been suspended. So far, no court date has been announced, but the man facing charges will surely be represented by a criminal defense attorney when the time comes. 

According to reports from the scene, the incident took place while the officer was off-duty at a karaoke bar on the evening of Oct. 8. Apparently the officer was carrying his sidearm and a server asked him whether he had gang affiliations. The officer reportedly identified himself as law enforcement before allegedly pulling the gun out and pointing it at the server. 

Criminal defense: Homeless man charged in multiple murders

A bizarre case in Chinatown has led to the arrest of an indigent man, who is believed to have murdered several other homeless individuals. New York authorities have arrested the 24-year-old homeless man, who stands accused of the killings of four other men. Police do not know what prompted these alleged attacks, but they do not believe they were racially motivated at this time. It is unclear whether the man has retained criminal defense counsel at this time. If he is not able to afford an attorney, one will be appointed for him in criminal court.

According to the report, witnesses say they saw a man matching the description of the accused man, wearing a black jacket and pants, assaulting several people with a metal object in the early morning of Oct. 5. Police recovered a total of four bodies from around Chinatown, all with severe head injuries leading to their deaths. A fifth individual with similar injuries is now in the hospital in critical condition. 

Criminal defense: Staten Island man charged with reckless driving

A 1-year-old Bronx girl is dead following a collision involving a driver police say was driving recklessly and without a license, according to local sources. New York authorities arrested the 22-year-old man, who was originally suspected of driving drunk at the time of the accident, though tests proved this to not be the case. No court date has been announced, but the man will be represented by a criminal defense attorney when his day in court arrives. 

According to the reports, it appears the man lost control of his vehicle while driving his SUV in the Bronx. His vehicle was turning right when the man lost control and struck a parked car. He then went on to jump the sidewalk and strike a stroller carrying the 1-year-old girl, who was being walked by her mother. The force of the impact crushed the stroller against a wall. 

Criminal defense: New York woman faces arson, murder charges

A 54-year-old Long Beach woman is in custody following the death of a 75-year-old man in Centre Island. New York authorities are charging the woman with both murder and arson in connection with the death. As of Sept. 21, no court date was announced. When she appears in court, she will be represented by a criminal defense attorney tasked with building a strong case in her defense. 

According to records, the woman and the victim shared a 20-year relationship described as violent; apparently the man had an order of protection against the woman before his death. Police initially responded to reports of a fire at the man's residence around 10 p.m. the night of Nov. 20, 2018. By the time firefighters arrived on the scene, much of the house had been destroyed. 

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