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‘Mob Wives’ actress arrested for allegedly punching woman

| Feb 26, 2016 | Criminal Defense

It’s never fun to get into a dispute, but once in a while it happens to all of us. Unfortunately, we have heard of many stories where a verbal dispute gets out of hand and becomes violent. On the other hand, we have also heard of very heated verbal fights that lead to accusations of violence that are later found to be unsubstantiated. These types of situations can get very sticky because they may involve scenarios where there are few or no witnesses involved.

To make matters worse, imagine if you were a well-known person who gets into one of these disputes. That’s exactly what happened to “Mob Wives” actress Drita D’Avanzo recently. According to a news report, the actress apparently got into a heated argument with another woman earlier this month. The two individuals were apparently at a home in Staten Island when the fight started.

A news report claims the fight between the 40-year-old actress and the 38-year-old alleged victim started getting physical. D’Avanzo allegedly punched the woman several times and then left the home.

The actress was later arrested and is now facing a misdemeanor assault charge. She was released the same evening and will have to go to court in March.

Incidences like this are not uncommon and there are a lot of issues that may come up in terms of proving the incident happened. While we all get into heated disputes from time to time, these disputes do not always lead to violent outbursts. If you are accused of being violent toward another individual, it may be important to protect your rights with the help of a criminal defense attorney.