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As technology advances, accusations of cyber crime follow

| Apr 28, 2016 | Federal Criminal Defense

With the advancement of technology in every aspect of life comes a rapid increase in crimes related to this technological growth: modern white collar crimes. Cyber crimes, as this type of white collar crime is most commonly known, involve many different violations. Included in this criminal category, but not limited to it, is wire fraud. Defined as financial fraud involving the use of telecommunications or information technology, wire fraud is quite common and prosecuted at the federal level. The FBI uses its considerable means to investigate and pursue the emerging trend of this type of fraud.


Although white collar crimes do not involve violence in most cases, convictions carry extensive penalties such as long prison terms and extremely costly fines. Prosecutors, more often than not, seek the toughest sentences possible when it comes to this type of conviction. It is even possible to be found guilty of a cyber crime simply by misusing technological communication equipment, even if there was no person defrauded by that activity.

Being convicted of a cyber crime not only carries tough penalties, but the impact on your personal life and your business can be life altering and stressful. Quite often a person involved in this type of investigation knows well in advance of any charges being brought against them. The time to obtain proper representation to defend you against the allegations is now. As vigorously as these crimes are pursued and prosecuted, so too should you defend yourself against any accusation or investigation of them.

When facing accusations of white collar crimes, obtaining an attorney with expertise in providing federal criminal defense is absolutely crucial. You will both need and deserve the best representation available to you.