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Poverty in Relation to Criminal Defense

| Apr 10, 2016 | Criminal Defense

We often see a correlation between poverty and crime. In cities where poverty is higher, there is usually a higher crime rate or a higher concentration of people who have committed a crime in the past. New York City has been famously known for some of its high poverty regions. Though these are declining, there are still areas where poverty concentrations are high. The average poverty percentage in New York City is 21%, with some of the highest concentrations located in the Bronx and Brooklyn.


According to New York City’s crime map, some of the highest concentrations of crime are located in New York City and the Bronx, with more moderate concentrations in Brooklyn. These crimes include drug crimes, sex offenses, domestic violence, DWI and murder. As frightening as the statistics are, it is comforting to know where the crime originates as it can help the surrounding communities become more aware and take action.

Although we may never be able to eliminate crime from happening, knowing the areas and the patterns that directly point to probable crime areas can be an important factor in lessening the occurrences. When crimes do happen, it’s not only a top priority to solve it as soon as possible but it’s also imperative that the right person is accused and brought to justice.

While criminal defense is necessary to convict and sentence individuals guilty of a variety of crimes, far too often people are wrongly accused, convicted or do not get the proper sentence for the crimes they have committed. This can have just as devastating effects on the accused and the families of the accused as the victims of crime and their families. If you or someone you know is facing prosecution, whether it’s the first time you require a criminal defense attorney or you have been involved with the criminal justice system in the past, seeking the services of a lawyer can help you achieve the best possible outcome.