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The first step to a successful resolution

| Apr 17, 2016 | Federal Criminal Defense

If you are facing federal drug charges in the state of New York, seeking experienced legal representation should be one of your number one priorities. Consider this, there are a myriad of charges that constitute a federal drug charge including simple possession, trafficking, investment of illegal drug profits and maintenance of drug involved premises, to name a few. Each of these charges, administered under the DEA, Department of Drug Enforcement Administration, comes with a laundry list of fines and/or jail or prison sentences.


While sentences can be higher or lower than expected depending on each case, the level of severity of penalties depends highly upon whether or not this is your first offense. Repeat offenders may often face stiffer outcomes but there are programs available that you may not be aware of that can help you reach a positive resolution to your case.

Did you know that simply giving your prescription for a controlled substance to another can land you in hot water? We all know that drug charges are a serious matter and that wading through the legalities surrounding each case can be overwhelming. Without understanding all the intricacies involved, those charged or simply accused do not stand a fighting chance against a system that has unlimited knowledge and resources available to them.

No matter what charges you are accused of or charged with, the first step to your federal criminal defense is to seek out an experienced lawyer to help you wade through the entire process from beginning to end. With their knowledge you are more likely to receive a positive resolution and get on the road to recovery.