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Harsh laws regarding controlled substances in New York

| May 13, 2016 | Criminal Defense

Drug crimes in the United States involve, but are not limited to, everything from possession, distribution, manufacturing, transporting and using illegal drugs and prescription drugs. Under New York Law, a controlled substance can be both illicit drugs such as heroin or cocaine, or prescription medication such as OxyContin or Vicodin (if you don’t have a prescription for them).

Laws governing crimes involving controlled substances, particularly in New York, are very detailed and severe. In fact, New York drug possession laws have historically been some of the harshest in the United States. Heavy fines and often lengthy prison terms result from being charged with crimes involving drugs. Even crimes involving marijuana, commonly thought of as a harmless substance, can carry significant fines and incarceration.

Merely being accused of a drug offense can wreak havoc on your life. And being convicted can change your life forever. Even if this is your first offense, going through this ordeal will be intimidating and frightening, especially if you have to go through it alone.  The long-term effects on your reputation can be devastating, and future employment or education prospects may be limited as a result. Remember, though, even when you’re accused or charged with a drug crime, you still have rights.

An important step in ensuring your rights are protected, and you receive the best advice and representation possible, is to retain a criminal defense attorney. When hiring your lawyer, you’ll want to know that they are willing and able to fight aggressively on your behalf, and have years of experience defending against drug charges.