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The high stakes of drug trafficking charges

| May 15, 2016 | Federal Criminal Defense

Drug trafficking is certainly one of the greatest risk offenses when it comes to federal drug charges. Drug trafficking involves the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and sale of illegal substances on a global scale. Penalties for convictions of drug trafficking are severe and can quite often result in mandatory incarceration. These penalties vary based on the particular substance and quantity being trafficked, as well as the number of offenses to which the accused has been found guilty in the past.


In many situations where federal drug charges are involved, federal agents may have been involved from the onset, and will seek maximum penalties, and when the crime is a federal offense, the stakes are extremely high. When found guilty of drug trafficking, it is quite common to face significant prison time. In addition to the effects, a drug trafficking charge can have on your life in general; the penalties will be life changing and tough to defend yourself against.

If you are facing this type of charge, it is essential that you obtain the services of a highly experienced defense attorney who will ensure the best outcome possible in your particular situation. Even facing a serious federal charge, you have rights, and deserve for those rights to be passionately defended.

Ensuring you have the best federal criminal defense attorney in your corner will make all the difference in your future. You will want to make sure your lawyer has extensive experience and knowledge of the federal court system as it relates to drug trafficking so that your situation ends as favorably as possible for you.