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June 2016 Archives

If tragedy leads to stricter weapons charges

We all have witnessed the tragedy unfold when a lone gunman walked into a nightclub in Florida and allegedly opened fire. With his finger on the trigger, he put his finger on the pulse of America, perpetuating an agenda on the lips of politicians everywhere, namely ISIS and gun control.

Federal investigations alone can ruin a career

If you are under investigation or even suspect you may be, it may not be long before your relationships, your career and your reputation begin to crumble around you, and what you thought were safe havens built on solid foundations turn out to be nothing more than a house of cards.

The issue of enforceable laws in different jurisdictions

From major to minuscule, you have made every effort to cover your assets and have a contract drafted for every deal and negotiation. Even still, if you have a deal that could fall through because it cannot be enforced within a certain jurisdiction based upon the laws governing that area, you could be at a real risk. 

The Miranda Rights reviewed

When you are in police custody for the first time in your life, you may realize how little you know about what happens next. You may also see that your very nature can be your downfall, especially when prosecutors are looking high and low for a criminal and your cooperation can be seen as a weakness that is more or less extrapolated on to a desire to put a pin in a case.

Is it legal to be penalized for not taking a Breathalyzer test?

Our country prides itself on the constitutional rights afforded to its citizens. One such right currently under fire is that of the freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. This right, established under the Fourth Amendment, is being debated within the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

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