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If tragedy leads to stricter weapons charges

| Jun 26, 2016 | Criminal Defense

We all have witnessed the tragedy unfold when a lone gunman walked into a nightclub in Florida and allegedly opened fire. With his finger on the trigger, he put his finger on the pulse of America, perpetuating an agenda on the lips of politicians everywhere, namely ISIS and gun control.

The latter has political parties in a fervor regarding where to draw the line on gun control and whether our constitutional right to bear arms is contributing to these mass shootings and other violent crimes. With this hot topic, some prosecutors and courts may want to set a precedent by harshly punishing violent crimes and particularly, weapons crimes.

However, not every person carrying a gun is guilty of anything more than confusion regarding intestate laws. What prosecutors and courts must not do is allow a single tragedy to continue ruining lives and that is what happens when people and groups use a tragedy to push an agenda and set examples on subsequent, unrelated events or alleged offenders.

If you are facing charges of a violent crime and believe the media or political agendas may be factoring into the enthusiasm of your prosecution, you need an attorney who knows the prosecution well and can anticipate each move they make to build your defense effectively. While New York is among the strictest states regarding gun control, Leo V. Duval, Attorney at Law, knows how to combat charges related to guns or other weapons. Don’t suffer for crimes and intentions that were not yours and cannot be proven. You don’t have to.