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July 2016 Archives

Why am I being charged with money laundering?

When many people hear of a white collar crime, their minds automatically travel to Wall Street and plots of insider trading and embezzlement. But in truth, white collar crimes can be any number of crimes involving federal and state laws. Often the common denominator is a possibility of financial gain motivating someone to defraud or engage in some other illegal activity. Some charges that are brought against a person may be confusing and the person charged may believe they are guilty simply because they fail to understand what the charges against them mean as they struggle to decipher the precise legal terms.

Punishments for juvenile offenders under scrutiny

Disciplining children has long been a source of contention and conflict. In more recent years, many who believe in a more stern upbringing and doling out measured physical reprimand may be subjected to public outcries over the abuse of a child. Accepted levels of punishment for children and juveniles is likely to remain a moving target but in the criminal justice system, the rush to push some of the harsher penalties on somewhat minor actions seems downright inhumane.

Are police stops always legal?

The question "are police stops always legal" is simple, yet the answer can be complicated. A law enforcement officer must have a reason to pull you over. This means that an officer must observe something about your vehicle or driving which is in violation of the law, or which gives that officer a reasonable suspicion that you are.

Sexual assault convictions carry stiff penalties

Laws and penalties vary depending upon the state in which the crime is committed and punished. If you are facing charges regarding sexual assault, it is important to know how they are punished within your state. Often the severity of the punishment has to do with the presence of certain factors. Understanding this allows for a greater clarity during the defense-building efforts.

When tiny spoons equal big trouble

If you are someone who has never done a drug and has never really been around drugs, you may never suspect that your grandmother's miniature spoon collection that was passed lovingly down to you could actually lead to drug charges. But, if you have never been around drugs and have never done them, it is less likely you have ever faced drug charges, and you are less likely to be in a situation where the possession of those spoons could appear as anything other than a wholesome, albeit inconsequential, collection for sale.

All murders are homicides, but a homicide isn’t always a murder

The way that the law distinguishes the killing of another human being might not make sense to all New York residents. There is a legal distinction between the definitions of homicide and murder even though many people use the two terms interchangeably. All murders are homicides, but it is important to know that not all homicides are murders.

Intoxication as a defense for murder

It would be anyone's worst nightmare to wake up in a holding cell, charged with a crime that will inevitably change your life and allegedly claimed someone else's life. If you are charged with second-degree murder, it means you are facing charges for a murder that was not premeditated but resulted from depraved apathy toward human life, an intention to physically injure someone or an impulsion resulting from at least a base feeling of malice prior to the killing. In some cases, a second-degree charge can stem from a felony being committed that simultaneously and unintentionally resulted in a murder.

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