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August 2016 Archives

The difference between an exhibition and an exhibitionist

Many people travel to New York for shopping, live entertainment and site seeing. However, while many people may embrace different beliefs and ideals, the law does not permit some behaviors. For instance, you may enjoy the raucous behaviors and rampant nudity that may be displayed in shows on or off-Broadway, but buyer beware. "When in Rome" need not apply when leaving those heavy theater doors and making your way back onto the streets of New York.

Shield yourself from federal charges

There are crimes and then there are federal crimes. The nature of each can vary drastically. Federal crimes are those brought by the government, and the government has access to and can utilize a limitless number of resources to investigate and prosecute you. If you have been indicted or are on the receiving end of a federal investigation, you cannot put your future in the hands of an attorney who is not well-versed in federal charges.

Former Yankee still shadowed by dropped domestic violence charges

There are people walking among us that we will never know and would never guess, carry convictions for serious federal or state crimes. While we might not know, it is likely that they are reminded on a very regular basis that at one time, they made a mistake and got caught. Alternatively, there are some walking among us who have no convictions on record but who we are all too familiar with allegations of criminal activity and the stigma of charges, even if they were eventually and entirely dropped.

Three legitimate reasons to have a shell company

Shell companies are not just for hiding illegal activities. It seems that any story picked up by the media about these legal tools focuses on their use for money laundering or other criminal wrongdoing. However, these structures have legitimate purposes.

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