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Could the justice system lighten up?

| Aug 21, 2016 | Federal Criminal Defense

Is the U.S. really the land of the free? It could be argued that it certainly is not. It seems there is a rush to incarcerate those who offend, and so many crimes come with a heavily relied upon mandatory minimum sentence that the gavel falls upon.

Indeed, of all the people in the world, nearly one-fourth of the people known to be living in incarceration reside in U.S. jails, prisons and other such detention centers. That’s a fairly staggering portion of the population when you consider that the U.S. only plays host to 5 percent of the world’s people. From an economical standpoint, we aren’t saving money by providing free housing to almost one-fourth of the world’s incarcerated.

Three years ago, the Attorney General of the United States proposed an initiative to put more into recovery and rehabilitation of low-level drug offenders and reduce the minimum sentences associated with their crimes and convictions. While results weren’t overnight, the changes made coincided with a drop in crime and a reduced population in federal prisons.

It’s a promising start, and the former Attorney General feels that if we stay the course, we could realize less crime in combination with shorter sentences. If you are facing federal court charges for a drug crime, you may have options. It is now that you could realize the most substantial life gains from a proactive approach to your defense and obtain a solid criminal defense attorney familiar with the laws of New York as well as the federal court systems.

Source:, “Eric Holder: We Can Have Shorter Sentences and Less Crime,” Eric H. Holder Jr., Aug. 11, 2016