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Former Yankee still shadowed by dropped domestic violence charges

| Aug 8, 2016 | Criminal Defense

There are people walking among us that we will never know and would never guess, carry convictions for serious federal or state crimes. While we might not know, it is likely that they are reminded on a very regular basis that at one time, they made a mistake and got caught. Alternatively, there are some walking among us who have no convictions on record but who we are all too familiar with allegations of criminal activity and the stigma of charges, even if they were eventually and entirely dropped.

In the case of a former Yankee, Aroldis Chapman, even his trade to Chicago couldn’t give him relief from the dropped domestic violence charges he once faced. Chapman was suspended for 30 games due to the charges in spite of the fact that he was not convicted.

The allegations brought against him were that he choked his girlfriend and then fired a gun several times within the garage of his home. He says that he and his girlfriend are together and are working on improving their lives. Chapman does lament that regardless of where he goes, the controversy will continue to follow him and resurface.

If you have been charged with any crimes related to domestic violence, it is important that you seek out legal help prepared to address the charges and the ramifications of a conviction and familiar with New York’s legal system. If you are well-known, even allegations of domestic violence can severely tarnish your image, but if you are relatively out of the spotlight, it may turn out that any controversy around the charges can be eradicated, and the charges can be reduced or dropped.

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