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If you are facing criminal charges you need an attorney that will represent your best interests and will fight for you.

Shield yourself from federal charges

| Aug 15, 2016 | Federal Criminal Defense

There are crimes and then there are federal crimes. The nature of each can vary drastically. Federal crimes are those brought by the government, and the government has access to and can utilize a limitless number of resources to investigate and prosecute you. If you have been indicted or are on the receiving end of a federal investigation, you cannot put your future in the hands of an attorney who is not well-versed in federal charges.

Fortunately, if you are in the area of Staten Island, New York, you have the ability to recruit the efforts of Leo V. Duval, Attorney at Law. When it comes to the defense of federal crimes, he has a proven track record of dismissals over a multitude of indictments of federal charges.

You need an attorney who will not shy away from going the distance for you. Your future is on the line and if you don’t choose an attorney wisely, you may find yourself with a legal defense that provides minimal review of your case before accepting a plea deal from the prosecution.

You need an attorney willing to dig and investigate and recruit others to do the same. With a host of advocates working for you, you can be sure a defense strategy will be built if there is one. Leo V. Duval, Attorney at Law, will take your case to trial if necessary and fight to see your charges reduced or dropped. Don’t waste another moment unprotected and vulnerable to the attack of your character and your future; arm yourself with a defense that believes you are worth fighting for.