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Getting the defense strategy right

| Oct 2, 2016 | Criminal Defense

There are several defense strategies that may be used to prove your innocence if you’re facing a sexual assault charge. The lives of several innocent people are ruined every year due to false accusations and disproportionate penalties imposed on the accused.

Since almost all sexual charges are based on the word of the accuser, the background and incentives of the accuser need to be taken into account. This is important information. Proper investigation is required to dig out the history and motivations of the accuser. Psychological experts may help you discover useful facts, which can be used to make your case strong. A strategy should be made keeping all the available information in mind.

There are several forms of false accusations. Some accusers may lie about consensual sex. They may make false charges of sexual offense or rape to protect their reputation or to hide the fact that they gave consent from their friends and families. In marital disputes, one spouse may falsely accuse the other of molestation or inappropriate behavior to obtain full custody of the children after divorce. A sexual charge may even be used simply to extort money from the defendant.

Ineffective defense strategies may fall short and result in injustice. Depending on the nature of the case, the right strategy needs to be devised to protect the defendant. The approach and strategies of criminal law are not different than other areas. If you are facing a sexual charge, you may want to consider hiring a qualified defense attorney. Good defense attorneys require proper investigative resources and skill which attorneys of other areas may lack.