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Sexual assault laws in the U.S.

| Oct 16, 2016 | Criminal Defense

Any unwanted sexual contact can be classified by the prosecution as sexual assault. United States law is strict when it comes to sexual assault cases, and defendants may find it difficult to deal with the charges. Assault crimes may range from groping to penetrative rape. The sentence for the charge varies with the act committed. Although some states have their own laws regarding sexual assault, they all fall under federal laws. If you have been charged with sexual assault, it is important to understand all the laws before making any further decisions.

The use of coercion, force or drugs to perform unwanted sexual acts with another person is defined as sexual assault. Taking away the victims mental ability to consent to the acts makes it a sexual assault and the prosecution tries their best to push for a severe sentence against the defendant. Assault crimes involving penetration are considered to be first-degree sexual assault crimes. The exact sentencing for first-degree sexual assault depends on the state, but it is always severe.

Sexual assault may also be carried out by a spouse. States have recognized this fact and passed special laws to make sure spousal sexual assault is dealt with. These laws make sure that the defense attorney cannot use marriage as a defense during the trial.

Now that you have some information regarding sexual assault laws and sentencing, you might want to contact an experienced defense attorney. The attorney will assess your case and devise a strong defense strategy for you.