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An attorney can help relieve the stress of going to court

Sometimes defendants do not realize how stressful it is to testify under oath. The courtroom is simply not an environment in which most people will be at ease. And if you should take the stand, there will be a professional prosecutor asking you a barrage of questions. The prosecutor may even ask the same basic question in a number of ways in an attempt to get you to give inconsistent statements.

A domestic violence charge could impact your parenting rights

Sometimes when a couple is having serious issues, emotions can get out of control. And it is not uncommon for couples to argue loudly. But if a fight should escalate to a physical altercation, not only could one or both parties be in danger of harm, but the aftermath could also involve very serious consequences. And this is especially true if the couple has children.

Federal convicts spending more time incarcerated

Any and all criminal charges must be taken seriously. Conviction and incarceration can take years away from your life, and once you return to society, you will be saddled with a record that will permanently limit your opportunities. And this can be especially true if you are facing federal charges. You see, if the federal government is going to invest the time, money and resources it takes to arrest and convict you, it is only because it considers the acts you allegedly committed to be truly egregious.

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