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A domestic violence charge could impact your parenting rights

| Nov 21, 2016 | Criminal Defense

Sometimes when a couple is having serious issues, emotions can get out of control. And it is not uncommon for couples to argue loudly. But if a fight should escalate to a physical altercation, not only could one or both parties be in danger of harm, but the aftermath could also involve very serious consequences. And this is especially true if the couple has children.

You see, if the police are called to your residence to investigate a report of domestic violence and decide that you pose a threat to your partner or the children, it is very possible that you will be arrested. And having a domestic violence conviction on your criminal record could result in you being issued a civil order prohibiting you from even approaching your family.

But the impact of a conviction could eventually place your long-term relationship with your children in jeopardy. If you and your partner simply cannot resolve your issues and choose to go your separate ways, you will likely have to request a family court to grant you custody or visitation rights. And your domestic violence record will influence a judge’s decision on whether you will be bestowed the right to spend time with your child. Depending on the circumstances of your case, the domestic violence charge could influence the judge to severely limit your access to your children.

So as you can see, a domestic violence charge must be challenged on two fronts; the criminal justice system and the family court system. As such, if you are contending with such charges, you should consider hiring an attorney who is capable of representing you in both criminal and family court.