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Types of domestic violence charges

| Nov 6, 2016 | Criminal Defense

Domestic violence is harm inflicted on a person by their own family member. This includes child and spousal abuse. It is a violent act against another person of your own family. This law applies to everybody equally regardless of their status and gender in the community.

Domestic violence may include repetitive physical and mental torture. There are several factors that govern what type of charges are brought against the defendant. These factors include the harshness of the inflicted wounds, whether an under-aged child was present and whether a court order was dishonored. Domestic violence includes less severe forms of abuse as well. Some examples of mild abuse are stalking, slapping and pushing.

A suspect who hits another person may be given a charge of domestic violence. The charge implies that the defendant took unfair benefit of the victim’s trust and faith. Prosecutors often push for strict sentencing for the defendant.

There are different kinds of domestic violence:

  • Physical torture involves kicking, slapping, punching and any form of torture to the body.
  • Mental torture involves undermining of another persons’ self-confidence and lowering his or her self-esteem.
  • Financial torture happens when the suspect attempts to make the victim economically dependent.
  • Sexual torture happens when the accused tries to forcefully initiate sexual contact with the victim without his or her approval.

Domestic violence is an extremely complicated issue which involves psychologically driven events. This charge is very serious and may lead to severe consequences. The defendant must be very careful in these situations as a domestic violence charge could have a devastating effect on their life. It is important to consult an experienced defense attorney who has previous experience handling such cases.