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When stopped by the police, silence is golden

| Dec 5, 2016 | Criminal Defense

Being pulled over by the police is one of the most unnerving experiences imaginable. First, you hear the shrill sound of a siren as the police vehicle’s red and blue lights bounce off of your rearview mirror and careen through the inside of your car. And as you pull over, you wonder why you’re being stopped, which is a question that only the officer has the answer to.

Typically, most people want to get through a traffic stop as quickly as possible. But it is actually much better to keep your cool, give yourself time to think and, above all, be very careful what you say.

Whenever a police officer questions you, be aware that he or she is looking for information that could later be used as evidence in a court of law. Therefore, it is in your best interests to refrain from saying anything that could prove self-incriminating. You can do this simply by invoking your Miranda rights and remaining silent. Additionally, here are some things that you do not want to do:

  • Do not lie to the officer. Doing so could lead to a charge of obstruction of justice.
  • Do not confess to whatever you are being accused of having done.
  • Do not give the police permission to search your person or your vehicle.
  • Do not tell the officer that you have been drinking, even in moderation.

If you are ever charged with a crime, it is likely best that you seek an experienced attorney to act as your legal representative. But you can also do yourself and your attorney a huge favor by not saying anything that can help the police and the prosecution get a conviction. Remember, you have rights and when you use them correctly, your attorney has a much better chance of helping you get the outcome you desire.