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What to do if your child is accused of committing a serious crime

| Feb 7, 2017 | Criminal Defense

We know that children are extremely impressionable. And for this reason, they can be easily led astray and make mistakes. Typically, these mistakes have manageable outcomes. While a broken window or a shoplifted  candy bar is not something any parent is happy about, discipline will mostly be handled within the household. But if a child gets involved in a serious criminal act, his or her future could be negatively impacted.

It can be hard to believe when you get a call informing you that your child is in custody. And if you should find out that he or she is accused of having committed a felony, you will likely be shocked, scared and angry. After all, you didn’t raise your child to do bad things, so how could this happen?

Well, the fact is that sometimes children, especially teenagers, can fall in with the wrong crowd. Peer pressure is a powerful motivator and in an effort to impress one another, friends can take dangerous risks or push their actions past the limit of legal boundaries.

But there are some important things to remember when a child has been charged with a crime. First, he or she has rights, just like any other citizen. And second, sometimes a criminal act was actually compelled by other problems the child may be having that are best handled with counseling and other forms of treatment and not severe punishment.

Attorney Leo V. Duval understands that If your child has been arrested for a serious crime you will be upset and concerned. He is prepared to act on your child’s behalf to help ensure that the child’s rights are protected and the decisions of the court are appropriate and are in his or her best interests. Please take a look at the pages on this website to learn more about the services Mr. Duval offers.