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March 2017 Archives

Not guilty plea is criminal defense strategy in NY vandalism case

In an out-of-the-ordinary case that is making headlines across the nation, an upstate New York man has been accused of reporting a fake crime. While this, in itself, is not so unusual, the circumstances surrounded the alleged incident are what makes it stand out. At the moment, the defendant's criminal defense strategy is to plead not guilty to the allegations that he spray-painted racially charged hate symbols on his own home then reported the incident to the police. The man was arrested about a month after the incident occurred.

How do I know if I should accept a plea bargain?

After being charged with a felony, you will likely be given the opportunity to enter a guilty plea in exchange for a sentence that would be considerably lighter than being convicted in a trial. The process of exchanging a guilty plea for a quicker and more lenient sentence is known as plea bargaining and it is how most criminal cases are resolved.

Importance of criminal defense when facing New York drug charges

A conviction on drug charges, even seemingly minor ones, can create a criminal record where none existed before. For this reason, anyone arrested on such charges may wish to consider securing the best possible criminal defense attorney. Two New York women may be contemplating just that after they were arrested for alleged drug possession.

Caterpillar facing investigation for alleged tax violations

If you are a business owner and a taxpayer, you are likely aware that the Internal Revenue Service is awaiting the arrival of your returns, unless you've been granted an extension. Paying taxes is never a fun proposition, but if you do your returns correctly and send the IRS whatever is owed, you should not have any issues.

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