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Importance of criminal defense when facing New York drug charges

| Mar 20, 2017 | Criminal Defense

A conviction on drug charges, even seemingly minor ones, can create a criminal record where none existed before. For this reason, anyone arrested on such charges may wish to consider securing the best possible criminal defense attorney. Two New York women may be contemplating just that after they were arrested for alleged drug possession.

A police officer alleges that on Wednesday, March 8, at approximately 8 p.m., he spotted a vehicle crossing the double yellow line. The officers stopped the car and initiated a search, though no mention was made of the circumstances that led to the investigation of the vehicle. Police claim the search turned up 5.56 grams of marijuana on the driver and 2.84 ounces on the passenger.

The two women, aged 19 and 20, were arrested and released, the 20-year-old on her own recognizance, the 19-year-old on $100 bail. The 19-year-old passenger of the vehicle is facing misdemeanor charges of fourth-degree criminal possession of marijuana. The 20-year-old driver faces charges of unlawful possession of marijuana, as well as a traffic infraction for disobeying a traffic control device.

While these drug charges may seem relatively minor compared to some, facing any criminal charges can be frightening and upsetting, and a conviction will remain on an individual’s criminal record, affecting his or her ability to find employment or housing. A criminal defense attorney with experience in similar cases of New York drug possession charges and a record of favorable results could prove invaluable in a case like this. Such a lawyer would be able to fight to protect his client’s rights while working hard to achieve the best possible outcome given the circumstances.

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