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April 2017 Archives

DWI criminal defense strategies: Lawyer's experience a key factor

Whether it is the first time charged or a potential repeat offense, facing DWI charges in New York is serious business. The state laws surrounding the issue of driving while intoxicated are complex and can be confusing; fortunately, a seasoned criminal defense attorney can provide invaluable guidance to anyone facing such accusations. The lawyer can review every detail of the case at hand and analyze all appropriate defense strategies to pursue the best possible outcome.

New York assault: 23-year-old accused of violent crimes

Far too often, the only people who know the true story of what occurred during an altercation are those who were directly involved. Even when the incident takes place in a public setting, it can often be difficult to ascertain what actions led to others and whether those involved are being truthful about the scenario. This can be especially true involving allegations of violent crimes such as assault. Recently, a young man was accused of striking another in a bar fight, and he is now facing felony assault charges.

Don't let tax fraud accusations leave you feeling spent

As a working individual, you undoubtedly fall in line with numerous other people who consider dealing with taxes an inconvenience. Although taxes help fund various programs and institutions, seeing that money leave your paycheck can feel like a considerable blow to your financial situation. Nonetheless, you have a duty to ensure that you pay your taxes, because if you do not, you could face serious repercussions.

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