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DWI criminal defense strategies: Lawyer’s experience a key factor

| Apr 29, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Whether it is the first time charged or a potential repeat offense, facing DWI charges in New York is serious business. The state laws surrounding the issue of driving while intoxicated are complex and can be confusing; fortunately, a seasoned criminal defense attorney can provide invaluable guidance to anyone facing such accusations. The lawyer can review every detail of the case at hand and analyze all appropriate defense strategies to pursue the best possible outcome.

A man was recently accused of drunk driving in New York. Officers responded to reports of someone causing a disturbance and discovered a 37-year-old man sitting in the driver’s seat of his car, which was, at that time, idling in a parking lot. The police officer claims that when he began speaking with the man, he smelled a strong scent of alcohol.

Police allege that, in the midst of conversation with the officer at the car window, the accused started driving away while the officer was still standing there. This supposedly resulted in the policeman being dragged along for a short distance. Officers claim that their attempts to stop the man from driving were ignored and that he eventually struck a detective’s vehicle, causing a minor injury to the detective inside. When the defendant reached his home and parked the vehicle, police took the man into custody.

At last report, he was being held in a New York county jail on $150,000 bond. The list of charges the defendant is facing is rather lengthy and includes felonies and misdemeanors, ranging from driving while intoxicated to reckless endangerment, resisting arrest and more; as such, he is likely focused on answering the charges, alongside his criminal defense attorney. A lawyer with experience in DWI cases is typically the best choice when confronted with drunk driving accusations in court. 

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