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New York assault: 23-year-old accused of violent crimes

| Apr 27, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Far too often, the only people who know the true story of what occurred during an altercation are those who were directly involved. Even when the incident takes place in a public setting, it can often be difficult to ascertain what actions led to others and whether those involved are being truthful about the scenario. This can be especially true involving allegations of violent crimes such as assault. Recently, a young man was accused of striking another in a bar fight, and he is now facing felony assault charges.

Police say that the accused was involved in an altercation with another man in a New York bar. The injured man claims that the first individual hit him in the eye. This supposedly resulted in a facial laceration severe enough to require medical attention.

When police arrived at the location of the alleged incident, the suspect was no longer present. Police did not arrest him until almost a month later. He was formally accused of second degree assault, a felony.

The reported details are sparse, with no information as to what may have transpired leading up to the alleged altercation, or any possible mitigating circumstances. While assaulting another individual is obviously illegal, there is almost always more than one version to any story, and anyone who has been accused of any type of crime, violent or otherwise, is presumed innocent until guilt is proved beyond a reasonable doubt. An attorney with extensive experience in navigating the criminal justice system can offer invaluable advice and representation to anyone in New York who is facing similar violent crimes charges.

Source:, “Blauvelt Man Charged with March Assault“, Kathy Welsh, April 24, 2017