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Seek an aggressive criminal defense in charges for violent crimes

The basis of the criminal justice system in the United States is that everyone retains the right to be presumed innocent until and unless proved guilty in a court of law. Whether you face charges for driving under the influence or first-degree murder, this guarantee still applies. If you do face charges for violent crimes here in New York, you may benefit from an aggressive criminal defense.

Criminal defense critical in aggravated DWI case

A driver in New York was recently arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. However, police did not spot him swerving on a road or running a red light. No, they spotted him lying on some grass outside of their own station. In any case involving driving under the influence, the goal of the criminal defense is to get the charges removed or to pursue the most favorable sentencing possible considering the circumstances surrounding the case.

Criminal defense crucial in navigating New York legal system

Sometimes, a series of events escalates and snowballs out of control, leading to unforeseen consequences. One mistake or action that may have felt small or insignificant at the time quickly turns into something more. While this is no excuse for illegal activity, of course, it can mean that many individuals suddenly find themselves accused of a crime, not knowing what to expect, confused, scared and worried. Attempting to navigate New York's complex legal system on one's own can be overwhelming. In such situations, the savvy legal counsel of a criminal defense attorney can prove invaluable.

Criminal defense even more important when facing multiple charges

The New York state laws regarding drunk driving are complex and extensive, sometimes almost impossible for an average person to understand. The advice of a criminal defense attorney may prove beneficial to anyone facing such charges, especially if the person accused is facing allegations of a repeat offence. The stakes are even higher in situations like this, as penalties tend to increase with each subsequent DUI conviction or when other alleged illegal activities enter the picture.

Don't recoil at a wire fraud charge

Fraud, in any form, is not something that the state of New York treats lightly. Those accused of taking part in a scam to defraud unsuspecting victims may face federal charges which can carry pretty significant penalties. Wire fraud, in particular, is nothing new, but with advances in technology, more platforms become available for people to use in order to take advantage of others.

Experience with tax laws can prove invaluable in criminal defense

There are strict consequences for tax crimes. While simply making a mistake on one's taxes is not considered criminal, investigators will attempt to determine whether an individual's behavior was intentional. In cases involving tax fraud or evasion, the counsel of a criminal defense attorney with extensive experience regarding accusations of white collar and financial crimes can prove invaluable.

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