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Don’t recoil at a wire fraud charge

| May 5, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Fraud, in any form, is not something that the state of New York treats lightly. Those accused of taking part in a scam to defraud unsuspecting victims may face federal charges which can carry pretty significant penalties. Wire fraud, in particular, is nothing new, but with advances in technology, more platforms become available for people to use in order to take advantage of others.

If you face charges of wire fraud, you may want to take swift action to tackle the accusations against you. It is not time to recoil and just accept whatever prosecuting attorneys are throwing at you.

Wire fraud overview

So, what exactly is wire fraud? Wire fraud simply is fraud that is committed via some form of electronic communication. Common platforms include:

  • Phone lines, both land and cell
  • Email
  • Fax

Of course, with the increasing interest in and use of social media accounts, these have also become popular platforms for people to conduct their fraudulent schemes.

What elements must be present in a wire fraud case?

Prosecutors must prove the following four elements to secure a conviction against you in a wire fraud case:

  • There was a plan to take other people’s property or money through a fraudulent scheme
  • The fraud was intended
  • There was reason to believe that the scheme would involve electronic communications
  • The scam was ultimately carried out

As with any criminal case, proof of intent and action is necessary.

How does wire fraud work?

It is actually simpler than people realize, but it does require planning. You allegedly contact another person with the goal of achieving some sort of payment or obtaining someone’s personal information. You might be accused of doing this by planting a virus in an email, by offering something that sounds too good to be true or by threatening legal action if payment is not sent. Of course, other ways exist as well. Again, the other important element in wire fraud in that your actions were intentional.

How can I defend myself against a wire fraud charge?

As wire fraud is a federal offense, employing an attorney who has experience in the federal court arena is wise. After a careful review of the details of your case, your attorney will then be able to offer any defense strategies that are available to you. Once this information is shared, you will then be able to make an informed decision regarding the best way to handle your case.