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A criminal defense can be tricky when Mom rats you out

When police search for suspects believed to be involved in illegal activities, they often rely on the media and New York residents. They may broadcast photographs of an alleged perpetrator asking for anyone who may know him or her to come forward. Depending on the party making a potential identification for police, it could make a criminal defense more of a challenge.

Criminal defense for a murder charge requires planning

The death of a child is devastating to most New York parents. They are not supposed to outlive their children, and losing them can leave an emptiness in a family that can never be filled. The situation only gets worse if one of the parents is accused of killing the child. In that case, a well-planned criminal defense may be needed.

Mounting a federal criminal defense for organized crime charges

New York City has always been one of a handful of big cities in the United States where federal officials target certain individuals for allegedly being part of the mob. Those individuals are often accused of crimes such as racketeering and being part of a criminal enterprise, among other things. Mounting a federal criminal defense against organized crime charges can be a challenge.

Understanding New York drug laws in a criminal defense

Being arrested in New York for a drug related offense comes with numerous challenges. As an accused individual attempts to navigate the criminal justice system, it may become apparent rather quickly that the state's drug laws are quite complex. This could be problematic when attempting to prepare a criminal defense.

You need a strong defense when facing white collar crime charges

Any type of criminal charge is serious, and you would be wise not to underestimate your situation if currently facing white collar crime charges. White collar crime is a term used to describe various types of federal crimes, and a conviction for any of these could lead to serious, life-altering penalties.

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