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Mounting a federal criminal defense for organized crime charges

| Jun 13, 2017 | Federal Criminal Defense

New York City has always been one of a handful of big cities in the United States where federal officials target certain individuals for allegedly being part of the mob. Those individuals are often accused of crimes such as racketeering and being part of a criminal enterprise, among other things. Mounting a federal criminal defense against organized crime charges can be a challenge.

This is the dilemma facing 19 people recently indicted and arrested for either being part of or being associated with the Luchese crime family by federal officials. Allegedly, at least some of the individuals arrested are high-ranking administrators of the alleged crime family. The others are considered to be members or soldiers.

Some of the individuals face charges in connection with a 2013 murder of another supposed mobster. All of them appear to face charges that include extortion, robbery and murder, among other things. Other specific crimes mentioned include an assault from 2012 supposedly for someone disrespecting the family and one from 2016 because someone supposedly provided information about the family to authorities.

Everyone charged with a crime retains the rights to legal counsel, to be presumed innocent until and unless proved guilty in a court of law, and to challenge the charges they face. Each of the accused would more than likely benefit from the services of a New York federal criminal defense attorney. The rules and laws governing federal charges often have important distinctions from state crimes. This necessitates having a legal advocate who understands the federal criminal system and works in it regularly.

Source: CBS News, “19 indicted in New York in Luchese family organized crime bust“, May 31, 2017