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Understanding New York drug laws in a criminal defense

| Jun 6, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Being arrested in New York for a drug related offense comes with numerous challenges. As an accused individual attempts to navigate the criminal justice system, it may become apparent rather quickly that the state’s drug laws are quite complex. This could be problematic when attempting to prepare a criminal defense.

For instance, even drug possession can be charged under a number of different classes of felonies. While this may prove useful in obtaining a reduction of the current charges, it can still cause a great deal of confusion as the criminal proceedings begin. Then there are the potential penalties associated with each class of felony or misdemeanor, which overlap in some cases.

If possession charges have this many layers, it is not hard to believe that the charges and penalties associated with the trafficking, distribution and manufacturing of drugs is equally challenging. In general, charges relating to sales are felonies. This means that the penalties can be harsh and potentially result in years of incarceration and thousands of dollars in fines and restitution. More than just incarceration and fines await someone convicted of these crimes. Assets could be seized, and an individual’s life will more than likely change forever.

Understanding New York’s drug laws often requires the assistance and advice of a criminal defense attorney. A review of the circumstances leading to the arrest and the particulars of the investigation that led to the arrest could reveal weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. A complete understanding of the situation could provide options geared toward achieving the best outcome possible.

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