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July 2017 Archives

Challenging domestic violence charges with a strong defense

Although a vast number of domestic disputes involve little more than a heated argument, in some cases, the situation can grow out of hand, potentially becoming violent. Penalties for domestic violence are severe if a conviction is obtained, perhaps especially those that result in injuries.

Criminal defense: drug charges filed against 23

Nearly two dozen people were arrested as part of a complex sting called Operation Smack Down. Police officers in New York and New Jersey coordinated to arrest 23 people after a six-month investigation prompted by an overdose death. Arraignments for seven individuals were set for July 12 in Manhattan, with the rest being unannounced at this time. The support of criminal defense representation in these proceedings will be of the utmost importance to the accused individuals fighting these charges. 

Criminal defense: Man faces child porn charges

A raid of a Manilus home by the New York State Police has resulted in an arrest. A 35-year-old upstate man stands charged with possession of child pornography as well as several weapons charges. Police say the man is still in custody; he is being held at a local jail against $15,000 bail. It is unknown if he has retained criminal defense representation at this time, as no court date has been announced for his case. 

Criminal defense: Man faces drunk driving charges

A 28-year-old man accused of partying too hard during Manhattan Pride celebrations is now facing serious charges, according to law enforcement. New York police arrested the man under suspicion of drunk driving after he allegedly struck a cyclist with his car. The man is plagued with a considerable criminal record, and he will likely appear in court alongside criminal defense representation to ensure only the acts of the instant case are taken into consideration. 

What happens if I refuse to submit to a chemical test?

If you are facing criminal charges of any kind, your future and your freedom are at stake. This is true for charges related to drunk driving as well, no matter if it is your first offense or you have previous drunk driving charges on your criminal record. New York law takes a strong stand against intoxicated driving and all related criminal offenses, including refusing to submit to a chemical test.

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