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Challenging domestic violence charges with a strong defense

| Jul 31, 2017 | Blog

Although a vast number of domestic disputes involve little more than a heated argument, in some cases, the situation can grow out of hand, potentially becoming violent. Penalties for domestic violence are severe if a conviction is obtained, perhaps especially those that result in injuries.

If another party accuses you of such violent acts, you might wish to protect yourself from potentially devastating consequences, but perhaps you are uncertain how to proceed. Seeking guidance on available defense options early on could help you prepare for what comes next.

Defending against domestic violence charges

A conviction for charges of this nature can have a significant impact on your future, potentially prompting a need for assistance in protecting crucial areas of your life. A strong defense could be your best bet for challenging charges, and some options for challenging similar charges could include the following:

  • Innocent of involvement:  Perhaps you did not play a part in the alleged acts, and another party may be at fault. If you can bring forth evidence of your innocence, such as an alibi, you may be able to avoid the charges altogether.
  • Targeted by accusations:  Whether due to anger or spite, in some cases, a person may wrongly accuse another of domestic violence. If this sounds familiar, searching for variances in the accuser’s story or testimony from witnesses could prove beneficial.
  • Acted in self-defense:  Perhaps a fear for your safety or the safety of others was present. Your actions may have been self-defense, and if you can prove this, the result may be a reduction or dismissal of the charges against you.
  • Insufficient evidence:  The burden of proof generally falls to prosecutors, and if there is insufficient evidence to support allegations, you may be able to avoid unnecessary charges.

While perhaps rare, in some cases, the other party may have given consent prior to the alleged acts. If you can prove consent, your case may result in a dismissal of the charges.

Guidance in the initial stages

Violent domestic disputes are serious offenses that carry stiff penalties. With the potential weight of a conviction looming overhead, you could be feeling somewhat stressed out or overwhelmed by the process. However, you don’t have to go through it alone, and seeking assistance in the initial stages could help prepare you for the road ahead.

By speaking with someone who is knowledgeable of New York state domestic violence laws, you could obtain insight into forming a strong defense. This in turn could assist in reducing the charges against you, or in some cases, getting them dropped entirely.