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August 2017 Archives

Criminal defense: New York man faces murder charge

A man from Queens is facing serious charges following a shooting on Aug. 15, according to local sources. New York police arrested the 34-year-old man and charged him with murder following the shooting death of a 21-year-old camp counselor. The man was arraigned on Aug. 26 in Queens Criminal Court, where he was likely accompanied by criminal defense representation.

Criminal defense: Court officer accused of sexual assault

A court officer in Brooklyn is facing serious charges after being accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a courthouse last year, according to local sources. The 58-year-old New York man was arraigned on Aug. 21 for several charges, including second-degree coercion, official misconduct, exposure of a person and public lewdness. The man is now likely focused on his criminal defense, alongside his legal counsel. 

Criminal defense: Teen charged with murder

A teenager is facing charges as a result of his role in the alleged murder of his mother's boyfriend. The 18-year-old New York man is accused of choking a 43-year-old man to death in their Bronx apartment in the early morning of Aug. 14. He has since been released on bail, and He is likely working with criminal defense counsel in advance of future court hearings.

Criminal Defense: 4 men arrested for drug operation

Four New York men now face serious charges after their recent arrest. Federal agents have accused the men of running a drug operation out of an apartment near Central Park. The men are now likely focused on their criminal defense in advance of their respective court proceedings.

Criminal defense: Man charged in New York with kidnapping

A man from an adjoining state has been charged with kidnapping after he allegedly abducted a woman and brought her across state lines. New York police apprehended the man, as well as a female state resident, who has also been accused of holding a woman against her will. No official court date has been announced at this time, but it seems likely that both defendants are working with criminal defense representation ahead of any court appearance.

Criminal defense: New York man faces rape charges

A man believed to have attacked two women at Queen's Park is now facing charges, according to police. New York authorities apprehended the man in late July, and he was arraigned the morning of July 22. Given the severity of the charges against him, it seems likely he would wish to retain experienced criminal defense counsel in advance of an Aug. 4 court date. 

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