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Criminal Defense: 4 men arrested for drug operation

| Aug 10, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Four New York men now face serious charges after their recent arrest. Federal agents have accused the men of running a drug operation out of an apartment near Central Park. The men are now likely focused on their criminal defense in advance of their respective court proceedings.

Reportedly, federal agents were watching the apartment that they suspected the drug operation was occurring. They say they saw one 32-year-old man loading two boxes into an Uber driver’s vehicle. After stopping and searching the vehicle, they proceeded to raid the apartment. The Uber driver, the 32-year-old man and two other men were arrested.

It is claimed that 20 pounds of heroin and fentanyl were found within the apartment. Fentanyl is typically used to medically treat chronic pain, but it has become common practice to mix with heroin, which places drug users at serious risk for overdose. In addition to the drugs, they report that they also found 1,100 envelopes marked with the name Uber, a loaded gun, $30,000 in cash and packing materials. The men were allegedly selling the drugs under the names of “Walking Dead,” “Time Bomb” and “Animal Planet.” Agents report a collaboration with local officials has aided them in making several heroin and fentanyl drug busts all over New York City.

Prosecutors bear the burden to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the men are responsible for the drug the operation. Authorities in New York are cracking down on heroin and fentanyl drug cases due to the concern of the dangerous potency of its mixture. Criminal defense attorneys can examine evidence in individual cases and advise defendants of the best strategy to approach their legal situation.

Source:, “Authorities shut down opioid mill near Central Park“, John Annese, Aug. 8, 2017