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Criminal defense: Drug charges filed in Piermont

| Sep 21, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Police in Piermont have arrested a woman on suspicion of drug possession, according to local reports. The 23-year-old woman is facing multiple charges after being pulled over by New York officers just before midnight the night of Sept. 18. She was set to reappear in court on Sept. 27, where she will probably be accompanied by criminal defense representation. 

Police say they spotted a vehicle driving on Route 9W with a broken headlight, which was the reason for the traffic stop. The officer who stopped the vehicle reportedly began an investigation after speaking with the driver, though it is not clear what prompted the investigation. It is also not mentioned whether the officer obtained a search warrant for the vehicle. 

However, the search took place, and police say they found bags of what they believe to be heroin and marijuana, as well as drug paraphernalia described as rolling papers, pipes and hypodermic needles. The woman now stands charged with a misdemeanor and a violation: seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of marijuana. She was arrested and arraigned, whereupon she posted $100 bail and was released. 

Even minor drug charges can be an albatross around the neck of any New York resident, since the state takes such a hard line on drug possession and trafficking. However, in this case, there may be questions that can be raised about the search of the woman’s vehicle that criminal defense can address in court. If the officer in question did not follow the appropriate procedure in conducting the search, the drug evidence could be ruled inadmissible at trial. In those circumstances, the charges may be reduced or even dropped altogether. 

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