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Criminal defense: New York man charged with murder

| Sep 27, 2017 | Criminal Defense

A man believed to be responsible for the stabbing death of another man is facing serious charges, according to local news sources. The New York Police Department says it has video evidence of the 22-year-old man stabbing a victim outside of a grocery store. He has been charged with murder and was due to appear in court with criminal defense representation on Sept. 28. 

The report is based widely on witness testimony at this time, and states that a 46-year-old man entered the grocery store and allegedly asked the clerks for free food. When he was rebuffed, he threatened the clerks before leaving. He returned a short time later and, according to the manager of the bodega, stabbed the 22-year-old man in the hand with a knife. The altercation then moved outside the store, where it was caught on tape by the store’s security cameras. 

The footage shown by the cameras is unclear, but both men are seen grappling on the ground. After a few seconds, the younger man is shown breaking away and nearly being run over in the street, while the older man leaves the scene with the knife. He asked onlookers to call 911, was taken to a hospital and later died. The younger man was subsequently arrested and charged with second-degree murder. 

Prosecuting a murder case of this type is complicated, especially since the report suggests the younger man may have been acting in self-defense. It is unclear at this time whether both men were armed with knives or if only the older man was armed. If criminal defense can argue convincingly that the younger man was simply defending himself from a violent customer, the charges may be reduced by a New York criminal court, or even dropped entirely. 

Source: NBC New York, “Bodega Worker Charged With Murder in Stabbing Death“, Rana Novini, Sept. 23, 2017