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Criminal defense issues: Don’t bring your gun to New York

| Oct 19, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Most New York residents already know that carrying a gun here in the state could lead to trouble. However, if you are just visiting the state, you may not be aware that bringing your gun with you could land you in jail. Your out-of-state concealed carry permit may not extend to this state. If you do end up being arrested for carrying a weapon, you may need to consider preparing a criminal defense.

Just as the gun laws in New York are strict, so are the penalties that go with a conviction. These harsh penalties extend to more than just your handgun as well. As a tourist, you may arm yourself with a stun gun or knife for personal protection because movies and television tend to depict New York City as a dangerous place. You may find out the hard way that carrying these weapons can also result in charges. 

Most people are frightened when they are arrested. Since you are from another state, your fear could be amplified because you are away from your home, your family and familiar surroundings. Resolving the charges quickly may be your first inclination. It may help to find legal representation right away.

Having a criminal defense attorney by your side who understands New York’s laws regarding weapons charges could help alleviate some of your fear and stress. An attorney could review the circumstances with you, let you know your rights and explain your legal options. After investigating your situation and talking with prosecutors, it may be possible to find a way to resolve the issue in a way that serves your best interests.