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Criminal defense: New York man faces drunk driving charges

| Dec 12, 2017 | Criminal Defense

A man accused of being under the influence of alcohol behind the wheel is in custody, according to local sources. New York Police Department officers apprehended the man following an accident involving several parked cars. He is currently in custody in Brooklyn, with no word as to whether he has retained criminal defense representation. 

Details about the accident are still being collected by the NYPD, but it has been confirmed that around 1 a.m. the 33-year-old driver appeared to lose control of his vehicle, striking several parked cars. Photos taken at the scene suggest the man must have been traveling at a high rate of speed, which may account for the serious damage done both to the parked vehicles and his own vehicle. It does not appear any of the parked vehicles were occupied at the time of the crash. 

When police arrived on the scene, they apparently attempted to conduct a Breathalyzer test to determine the man’s sobriety. Reportedly, the man refused and was subsequently arrested. He was charged not only with DUI, but also with driving without a license. He was taken to a local medical facility for care, but the extent of his injuries were not reported publicly. No date regarding future court proceedings has been announced at this time. 

Drunk driving charges are taken seriously New York City and the rest of the state, but equally serious is the caliber of proof needed to secure a conviction. Prosecutors are tasked with proving that the man was impaired at the time of the crash, which may prove difficult if they did not get a breath test in the immediate aftermath of the accident. The man’s criminal defense representation will take this into consideration when preparing a strong defense to present on the man’s behalf in criminal court. 

Source: CBS New York, “Driver Charged With DWI After Crashing Into Parked Cars In Brooklyn“, Dec. 10, 2017