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Criminal defense: New York man arrested in attacks

| Feb 22, 2018 | Criminal Defense

A man has been arrested following the alleged attacks on two women who say they were slashed in the face. A 30-year-old man has been taken into custody by the New York Police Department following separate attacks that left two women injured. The man is likely currently focused on considering his criminal defense options. 

The record of this incident is incomplete at this time as police are continuing to investigate. However, they say that that a 60-year-old woman was assaulted around 1:50 p.m. the afternoon of Feb. 16. She says her attacker slashed her in the face, causing a wound that reportedly required 10 stitches to close. A second woman, aged 57, was reportedly attacked only minutes later in the same way. She was taken to a local hospital for treatment. 

The man accused of initiating these attacks was taken into custody later that day. He has been charged with two counts of assault, one count of unlawful marijuana possession and one count of criminal weapon possession. The 30-year-old is being held in jail against a $350,000 bond. As of the news article reporting the arrest, he had not entered a plea to the charges. 

If the man is found guilty of the crimes he has been charged with, he will likely face jail time. However, it will be up to New York prosecutors to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the man is guilty of these attacks. In the meantime, his criminal defense counsel will work to build a compelling case against any evidence the prosecution might bring to court. 

Source: People, “NYC Man Arrested After Slashing Two Women’s Faces“, Christine Pelisek, Feb. 19, 2018