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Criminal defense: New York city workers allegedly sell phones

| Mar 27, 2018 | Criminal Defense

Two IT workers for the city of New York have been arrested following a probe into their possibly illegal activities, according to an official statement. The workers, who are employed in separate departments for New York City, are faced with federal fraud and theft charges after it was alleged they resold cellphones meant for city use. No trial date has been announced, but both men will face the charges with criminal defense representation at their side. 

According to the probe, IT workers working for the New York Fire Department and the Department of Youth and Community Development allegedly diverted several hundred cellular phones the city purchased for use by personnel within both organizations. The cell phones were purchased through use of a grant from the federal government. It appears that some 360 cell phones bound for the FDNY and the DYCD never made it to their intended users. 

The city has alleged that the men resold at least 36 FDNY phones and 84 DYCD phones. The man working for the fire department was believed to have earned more than $10,000 by selling the phones through his personal eBay account, with another $40,000 being deposited into his personal bank account — also allegedly from cellphone sales. The other man is believed to have been paid $43,000 for selling some 84 phones to a Florida-based tech company. 

If these men are found guilty of these crimes, they could face up to 30 years in federal prison. However, it will be the responsibility of federal prosecutors in New York to prove each and every element of the crimes charged beyond a reasonable doubt. In the meantime, the criminal defense attorneys representing each of them will work to build a case in their defense by carefully reviewing the evidence with a view toward protecting all applicable legal rights. 

Source: New York Daily News, “Pair of city IT workers busted for illegally peddling cell phones meant for official use“, Victoria Bekiempis, Rich Schapiro, March 22, 2018