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Criminal defense: New York man charged in alleged sex attack

| Mar 14, 2018 | Criminal Defense

A man is facing serious charges after an alleged altercation between him and a 7-year-old girl, who authorities believe he sexually assaulted. The 37-year-old New York man is charged with sexual abuse, as well as several associated charges following the alleged attack back in January. The man is likely focused on his criminal defense alongside his legal counsel, and police are urging other potential victims to come forward. 

According to the authorities, the Bronx man is accused of abusing a 7-year-old girl in the bathroom of the USA Martial Arts Fitness Academy on Jan. 17. They say the incident was reported to police the following day, after which time the man was arrested. He is said to be an employee of the fitness academy, which has expressed a zero-tolerance policy against causing harm to students. 

The man faces charges of sexual abuse, forcible touching and acting in a manner injurious to a child. Police are still investigating the man’s alleged activities to determine whether the incident took place as reported, and if there are other victims or witnesses who might be able to corroborate the initial report. It is unknown whether the man is in police custody, or if he has been suspended or fired from his position at the academy. 

Obviously, sexual interference with a child is a reprehensible act, but it is also often misreported. This can lead to a career-ending scandal, particularly for an individual who teaches children for a living. This is why it is so vital for New York prosecutors to produce compelling evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accused man actually committed the acts of which he is accused. At the same time, his criminal defense team will take account of the facts of the case to build a strong case in his defense, with an aim toward clearing his name and reputation in the face of this serious accusation. 

Source: NBC New York, “Man Charged in Sex Attack of 7-Year-Old Girl in NYC Martial Arts School Bathroom“, March 9, 2018