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Criminal defense: Man in New York charged with drug trafficking

| Apr 3, 2018 | Criminal Defense

Authorities have indicted a man they believe has been bringing the dangerous drug fentanyl into the United States. New York police arrested the 41-year-old Mexican native on suspicion of trafficking enough fentanyl to kill some 10 million people. It has been confirmed that he has retained criminal defense counsel, though his lawyers are not issuing public statements at this time. 

The New York Special Naracotics Prosecutor has said the man is believed to have arranged for some 44 pounds of fentanyl to be shipped to the city. Fentanyl has been in the news recently touted as the “new heroin” due to its potency. Officials have said the drug is often pressed into counterfeit pills like oxycontin or Xanax, or even cut into heroin. 

Officials say the accused man oversaw a vast network of couriers that allowed the drug to make its way from Mexico to California and Arizona, where it can be moved around the country. Police believe he was attempting to set New York up as a distribution hub for the drug. His arrest comes at the end of a long investigation into his activities by several state and national governmental entities. 

Of course, drug charges of this magnitude require very specific evidence to be proven in court. New York prosecutors will have to provide compelling proof that the man was involved so deeply in the alleged drug trafficking scheme. In the meantime, his criminal defense team will likely review the findings of the official investigation to determine whether evidence was gathered in a lawful manner and whether the man’s rights were infringed upon during the course of that investigation. 

Source: The Washington Post, “Fentanyl bust: Suspected Mexico drug lord linked to major trafficking network“, Katie Zezima, March 27, 2018