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Criminal defense: New York police arrested

| Sep 20, 2018 | Criminal Defense

Two detectives, three sergeants and two officers in the New York City Police force were arrested after a three-year investigation into possible illegal activity came to an end. New York authorities have suspended them without pay during the investigation into an alleged gambling and prostitution ring in Brooklyn and Queens. Some 40 civilians have also been charged, and two more officers are facing possible departmental charges. So far, it is unclear whether any of the accused men have retained criminal defense representation.

Authorities say the seven men were believed to have been in business with criminals running brothels and illegal gambling establishments in several neighborhoods. Allegedly, these officers would warn ring leaders about search warrants and raids. Some of the sex workers caught up in this investigation have also alleged they were forced to provide services to these officers as payment for their protection.

Over 300 hours of surveillance were conducted by dozens of undercover officers over the course of three years. Warrants were obtained to intercept the accused men’s electronic communications, and investigators say they also gathered physical evidence to support their case. If these men are found guilty during the criminal proceedings that are to come, they will never work as police officers again and will likely face jail time.

The severity of the charges filed against these officers cannot be understated. New York holds its police to a high standard, and while they are entitled to a fair trial under constitutional law, their law enforcement standing makes the stakes of a guilty verdict much higher. This is why they will also be guaranteed criminal defense representation that will work with each accused individual to build a compelling defense in advance of trial proceedings.