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Criminal defense: Uber driver charged with sexual assault

| Sep 6, 2018 | Criminal Defense

A driver for popular ride-sharing program Uber is in legal trouble following allegations that he may have sexually assaulted a passenger. The 26-year-old driver, based in New York, has been charged with felony first-degree sexual abuse, as well as attempted forcible touching and misdemeanor third-degree assault. There is no word as to whether the man has retained criminal defense counsel at this time.

According to the complaint made by a 39-year-old woman, the man picked her up in New York City for a planned ride to Rye Brook. The woman attests that, during the course of the drive, she fell asleep in the back seat. When she awoke, she said, the driver had moved to the back seat and was attempting to reach up her dress. She goes on to state that, in attempting to defend herself, she fractured her shoulder. The man apparently drove her home after the struggle.

The woman waited until the following morning to call police and report the alleged assault. Officers apparently waited almost a month to arrest the man at his home in the Bronx, and the Rye Town court issued a temporary order of protection against him on her behalf. He posted bail and was released, though he has since been prohibited from driving for Uber.

A number of factors will likely influence this case, not the least of which is the question of why New York police waited so long to arrest the man after the alleged assault. When the man retains criminal defense counsel, his attorney will carefully review all facts associated with the case to determine how best to build a defense against the allegations. If his alleged criminal activities cannot be proved by prosecutors, the case could be thrown out.