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Have you been charged for attempting a crime?

| Sep 28, 2018 | Uncategorized

You may think that criminal charges only apply to situations in which a person has carried out a crime in its entirety. However, that is not necessarily the case. In fact, you or someone else could end up facing a charge for even attempting to commit a crime.

Attempt is a specific modifier to various types of criminal activity. For instance, you have likely heard of someone facing charges for attempted murder or attempted robbery. While the person may not face allegations for the completion of the act, he or she could still end up having to deal with serious consequences if a conviction takes place.

An incomplete crime

If police suspect that you planned to commit a crime and took actions to move forward with your plan, you could face charges for attempt. Authorities may consider the following factors when determining whether you attempted to commit a crime:

  • You had the genuine thought of carrying out a criminal act, which may include exploring the benefits and downsides before taking action.
  • You decided to move forward with committing the crime.
  • You took action to prepare for the act, which could include discussing your plans with others or obtaining needed materials to complete the act.
  • You complete the first steps of your plan, such as going to the location where you intend to commit the crime.
  • You may even complete a crime but still face charges for attempt.

A crime may be incomplete if you decided not to move forward with the action even though you had already taken steps to begin, or you were unable to complete the crime because police showed up, an alarm went off or someone else intervened.


Because a specific crime may not have gone through to completion, authorities often have to prove that a person had the specific intent to commit a crime, even though it did not fully take place. Additionally, they may have to prove that your actions went beyond simply preparing to commit a crime.


If you face charges for any type of attempted crime, you still face a serious legal situation. Therefore, it could work in your best interests to gain information on your defense options and the specific allegations you face. Working with a New York attorney could allow you to gain reliable information regarding your exact predicament and on what steps may help you move forward effectively.