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New York criminal defense: Cop charged with harassment

| Sep 12, 2018 | Criminal Defense

Police in New York recently arrested a man who is accused of striking another man in the face following a Little League baseball game. The accused happens to be a police officer for the Troy Police Department and is reported to have a history of utilizing excessive force while on the job. With his history working against him, how he approaches his criminal defense could make or break his case.

According to a recent news report, on Sept. 8, opening day for the Twin Town Little League fall season, the accused — while off-duty — got into a heated argument over field cleanup with another parent. He supposedly elbowed the other parent in the face which prompted police to be called to the scene. The accused was arrested and charged with second-degree harassment. He was ultimately released with a ticket to appear in court. Court dates regarding this case have not been reported to the public. 

This matter is still under investigation. League officials want the accused banned from attending any other events for the season. The Troy Police Department is also conducting an internal investigation of the matter — meaning this could end up affecting the accused’s job.

There is a lot on the line in this case. The damages for the accused could have long-lasting personal and professional consequences. An experienced New York-based criminal defense attorney will understand what is at stake in this case and will work diligently to assist the accused in fighting the charges filed against him in an effort to achieve the best possible outcome.