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Criminal defense: Cardi B faces assault charges

| Oct 10, 2018 | Criminal Defense

Famous rapper Cardi B is in hot water after being fingered in an alleged assault at a nightclub, according to some sources. New York police say the rapper, born Belcalis Almánzar, surrendered to authorities following the alleged incident. It is not clear from the report at this time whether she has retained criminal defense counsel. 

According to the incident report, Almánzar was at a New York club when she encountered several bartenders she apparently believe may have had relations with her husband, rapper Offset of the group Migos. According to the bartenders in question, several of Almánzar’s entourage allegedly threw chairs and bottles at them during the course of the evening. This has prompted both bartenders to sue Almánzar for damages. 

A representative for the 25-year-old rapper has gone on record saying there is no evidence that she took part in the alleged assault or that an assault ever happened. He also says Almánzar was not charged by police following the incident and that she was only issued a summons for misdemeanors. The date of that court appearance was not included in the report. 

The rich and famous are often easy targets for lawsuits, as they are public figures with a great deal of media attention heaped upon them at any time. This does not make them any less deserving of their constitutionally granted right to a fair trial, either here in New York or anywhere else in the country. Ms. Almánzar will be represented by her criminal defense attorney, who will work to prove she had nothing to do with the alleged assaults against the bartenders filing the complaints.