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Are you facing accusations of tax fraud?

| Nov 23, 2018 | Criminal Defense

Taxes are a part of financial reality that many New York residents wish they did not have to handle. However, you and every other hardworking American have a legal obligation to report your income to the Internal Revenue Service, determine your tax obligation amount and pay that amount in full. The complicated nature of correctly filing taxes only adds to the uncomfortable feeling you and many other people have when it comes to paying taxes.

Another uncomfortable feeling that could affect you is if someone accuses you of tax fraud. This accusation means that someone suspects you of trying to get out of paying your taxes or paying all of your taxes by defrauding the government.

Attempts at fraud

Tax fraud is a real act that some people carry out in hopes of keeping more of their money to themselves. In some cases, these attempts can range from small actions to elaborate schemes. Some examples of actions considered fraudulent include the following:

  • Providing the wrong income amount or other incorrect information on your tax forms
  • Having false income records
  • Not reporting assets or income
  • Claiming personal expenses as business expenses
  • Claiming false deductions

Of course, this list represents only a few actions that could fall into the category of tax fraud. Unfortunately, mistakes are not uncommon when filing taxes. However, does that mean you have committed tax fraud?

Facing charges

Tax fraud is a federal crime, and if someone accuses you of carrying out any of the aforementioned acts or others that may constitute fraud, you may understandably panic about what it could mean for your future. However, before you become overwhelmed, you may want to remember that you have legal options for defending against such allegations.

In some cases, you may find that a filing error put you under suspicion, and after correcting that error or explaining why it came about, you may have the chance to get out of this predicament relatively unscathed. Of course, your case could also prove more complicated than a simple error. Still, you have the right to create and present a criminal defense.

Because criminal cases involving federal charges can be complex, you will certainly want to make sure you have the right help. Consulting with a New York attorney regarding your situation could allow you to gain reliable information and insight as well as obtain an advocate to fight for you throughout your case.